Glass Art: Made in Carinthia

Creative and timeless

Our workers are not only skilled craftsmen and women; they are also artists, who take pleasure and pride in realising our customers’ ideas and dreams. We at Preschern are constantly pushing the boundaries of creativity and quality.

Let your imagination run free!

Whether you would like flower patterns in your living room door, a unique bowl or gift, or if you would like to repair some old church or lead windows, we have the skill, technology and professional expertise to do the job.

Areas of expertise

  • Decorated glass doors: designer glass, art nouveau style etc.
  • Glass doors and frames
  • Bowls, dishes etc.
  • Art pieces
  • Glass trophies and prizes
  • Church windows: modern windows, restoring old church windows etc.
  • Gravestones: glass tablets for urn graves, glass monuments etc.

Modern technology & methods

  • Lead glazing
  • Sand blasting technique
  • Fusing: special melting process

Unique creations

We believe in taking time to plan all projects, big or small. We strive to cater to customer demands and wishes to ensure the highest levels of satisfaction and quality. We also produce handmade drawings and templates that are then taken to the production stage.

Our team is happy to answer any questions!

We look forward to your call!

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